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We Provide Solutions

Audit Services

A Service providing a comprehensive look at the current state of your recruitment process to understand and improve efficacy / scale

Best Practices

When you understand your strengths & opportunities for growth, we create and implement your best practices roadmap, processes, and structure

Process & Tooling

The is the blueprint outlining the path and the tools needed to implement data-driven best practices for your organization / team


Change Management

A solution to implement your customized process and tooling and train your staff to ensure adoption and comprehension

Training & Development

Customized training and development programs for any level of recruitment / talent acquisition staff

Recruitment Services

Whether it's contingent, retainer, retingent, contract, or project-based, we've got you covered

About Us

Simplify. Automate. Scale. Repeat


A recruitment organization that operates on the fundamental belief that through collaboration and transparency, we can edify the recruiting industry as a whole.

Whether it’s functioning as an agency-recruiter to help you find qualified candidates that match your culture, or as a training/delivery partner to help your organization reach its full talent acquisition potential, we’re happy to connect and see how we can help you.

Meet The Team

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Mike “Batman” Cohen

Mike believes life is a gentle balance between data and emotion, and when both are harnessed in unison, the synergistic relationship becomes a positive agent for change.

His professional goal is to open-source the recruitment industry.  To establish and share best practices, to create conversation to push the needle forward, and not make the word "Recruiter" a four-letter word.

His life has been an interesting journey of setbacks, stumbles, growth, and opportunity. The one constant - he was always learning, even when he wasn't aware of it. He is committed to a constant focus on continuing to acquire not only knowledge, but wisdom. Mike doesn’t want to be a "know-it-all", he wants to be a "learn-it-all".

During this journey he’s learned several other things about himself:

  1. He has a heart for training and leadership - He believes in equipping people and servant-leadership
  2. He likes being an agent of change
  3. He loves training others and learning from them at the same time
  4. He really enjoys public speaking
  5. He loves fitness
  6. He has a minor (my wife would say major) obsession with Batman the fictional character with coincidentally the same name as him.#NoCopyrightInfrigement  #SorryDCComics
  7. Every time he learns something new about himself or life, it opens his eyes to how much more he doesn't yet know... he loves that feeling

Mike has spoken at several conferences including SourceHouston, ERE and HR Houston, he writes for SourceCon, has a chair with the program committee in ATAP, is an ambassador for ERE, and a Chief Evangelizing Officer for SourceHouston.


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Director of Transportation

Art Faust

Art is a proud veteran serving 6 honorable years to the United States Army in which he served two tours of combat while deployed to Iraq, during Operation Iraqi Freedom. He is an experienced recruiter that has a desire not just to seek and place; but, to use his skills and abilities to change peoples lives.

Art leads the Transportation Division of Wayne Technologies. He has a lifetime of knowledge growing up in transportation and having spent over 15 years behind the wheel himself. He not only talks the talk; but, has genuinely walked the same path as the people he assists in their job search. He knows what qualities are needed to make an operation run smoothly and to be successful in a potential candidate. As well, he can honestly relate and empathize to the conditions and standards that candidates adhere to.

His sincere desire to improve the quality of life for those that looking for a new job and to provide the highest quality candidate for the companies he represents is what drives him and sets him apart from his peers. This isn’t just a job for him - it’s his passion!


Some of Our Clients

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Wayne Technologies

Simplify. Automate. Scale. Repeat

If you have an interest or a need in the recruitment space, let's connect!


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